The Blessed Mary (Benedictine) Church in Sopron

The most ancient church of the town. Place given to God, separated from the profane. The place to worship God, the place to meet the Almighty, where what is human is washed in the supernatural, the ordered divine space. The place of change for the believer – bringing their worldly themselves to transform.

Historic place. Place where our nation, our country, our national relations were formed because there were times when the Hungarian were Christians and the other way round. These walls witnessed five parliaments, coronations of a king and two queens, the rousing speech by John of Capistrano to recruit a Crusader army to protect Nándorfehérvár (Belgrade) against the Ottoman Empire. The sacred and historic place, leading to the Noon Bell and the feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

A proclamation of our faith and world view for the following generations is expressed by Baroque and Gothic structures, the burial site of the dead close to the place dedicated to celebrate the Resurrection.

Place where the profane is turned into sacred and the sacred can turn into holy. We can enter the circle of the praying and God-seeking people, donators and sponsors, builders and destroyers, sinners desiring cleansing, the happy poor, the contented underprivileged. If you visit our church, you will have the secrets and the heritage of the past and the never-ending future.


Exhibition and Shop

The interactive exhibition and the Shop is closed.