Wedding Ceremony

The Church of the Blessed Mary (Franciscan Benedictine) and the cloister complex are defining feature of Sopron’s Main Square. Ferdinand III (1625) and two further queens were crowned here, moreover, the church hosted parliaments, too. Historical place – scene for historic events.

In a church wedding the young couple invites God in their life to ensure that Jesus be the foundation of their common life. What they can experience in their marriage, is that whatever they do without it being originated from love, is worth nothing. They can achieve everything, nice place to live, impressive careers, or, even, they can sacrifice themselves for their family, but, as Christ shows us, without love, it is worth nothing.

The couple promises eternal faithfulness to each other. Why? Because they consider the other, although they also have faults, to be the person they can trust with their life. Their aim is to see the other’s happiness. Is human word enough to ensure this? No! They ask God to witness. Their marriage, this enterprise is well beyond human strength. They ask our Lord to help them not be resounding gong or clanging cymbal, not an empty sound, but all-enduring, always-trusting and persevering love. Church marriage is about a bond with God, they invite Christ into their joint life.

Our church is approachable on foot from the wedding registry office in the Town Hall for young couples to say their vows in the presence of God. The bride and the groom can enter the church through the Main Square or the Templom Street entry (the entrance of the columbarium is covered). The wedding preparation course is conducted individually, just one couple at the time. Please call for appointment: 0036207738655 or 0036308498280.

‘Love chooses you, calls you, holds you and lets you go, but never monopolizes you, it just accepts with joy that you present yourself voluntarily.’
(András Simon)