The improvement of the tourist attraction potential of the Benedictine Goat church and cloister in Sopron

Time of realization: 17.12.2007.-17.12.2011.
The cost of the project: 199,993,764 HUF
Funds: 164,661,899 HUF
Project identification number: NYDOP-2.1.1/B-2f-2009-0002

Hungarian Benedictine Congregation Archabbey of Pannonhalma (1 Vár, Pannonhalma, 9090)
Sopron Benedictine House Foundation (1 Templom utca, Sopron, 9400)
Saint Benedict Care Home (1 Templom utca, Sopron, 9400)

Description of the project:
The aim of the consortium entitled to realise the project was to improve the tourist attraction and heritage protection of the Benedictine Goat Church. To achieve this, we divided the project into two main phases: I. The restoration attempts to preserve the architectural values of the building complex, II. The realization of a standing exhibition which introduces the architectural and historical values of the church and the cloister, furthermore, the improvement of the tourist services connected to it. The two main phases together are to ensure that, as a result of the development, a new tourist attraction of Sopron comes into being, a “must” for the visitor. The annual number of the visitors to the exhibition spaces (the nave of the church, columbarium, the ambulatory, the sanctuary, the original sanctuary, Chapter House, Iseum) is to rise from 4000 to 8000 by the end of the fifth year of our operation. This aim is served also by the preservation of our heritage and the interactive and experience-based exhibition.

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Exhibition and Shop

The interactive exhibition and the Shop is closed.